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Identification and application of isolation switch grounding

Release time:2016-04-12 11:06:38

Identification and application of isolation switch grounding
First, the opening direction when the isolation switch is opened: the left ground is installed on the left side, and the right ground is installed on the right side; the above two isolation switches are only used for isolation on the bus side or the line side. The switch, left or right grounding is mainly considering the installation and operation of the site, there is no special requirement;
Second, the grounding switch is installed on both sides is double grounding. It is mainly installed in consideration of the possibility of incoming calls (power) such as busbar segmentation or busbar equipment (TV) on both sides of the isolating switch;
Third, there is no grounding switch on both sides is not grounded, mainly used for the busbar side (only consider the busbar as the power supply) and there are other isolation switches with grounding switch on the busbar, just as an obvious disconnection point during power failure. Isolated power supply. Because the isolating switch and the grounding switch, whether it is cost, installation, maintenance, maintenance, increase the cost and difficulty, but also increase the possibility of failure, so where the grounding wire is not very inconvenient to install, try not to consider Use an isolating switch with a grounding switch.

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