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High-voltage DC power supply structure

Release time:2016-04-12 10:22:27

    High-voltage DC power supply structure

       High-voltage DC power supply, also known as DC high-voltage power supply, is a power supply with AC mains or three-phase electric input, output of several thousand volts or more or tens of thousands of volts or more. The output power is several hundred watts to several kilowatts. Steady flow. The earlier DC high-voltage power source was to convert the AC mains or three-phase power from the power frequency high-voltage transformer to the AC high-voltage power, and then rectify and filter to obtain DC high-voltage power. Due to the low frequency, the size and weight of the power supply are relatively large, and the conversion efficiency and stability are poor. With the development and maturity of switching power supply technology, DC high-voltage power supply developed by adopting high-frequency switching technology combined with the characteristics of high-voltage power supply has become the mainstream.
         It consists of a constant current high-voltage DC power supply and a focusing body (mechanical tower body). The former uses CS-III constant current type electrostatic deposition high-voltage DC power supply; the latter structure can be selected with TD sleeve type (concentric type) , GD tube type, FD honeycomb type or SJD wet tube type. The bodies of the four structures are mainly composed of a cylinder and a discharge electrode (a corona pole) and a suction trap (precipitate pole). High-voltage distributed DC power supply is a new type of DC power supply equipment, mainly used in small switch stations and user terminals, providing reliable and uninterrupted work for secondary control lines (such as intelligent terminals such as microcomputer protection, indicator lights, analog indicators, etc.). The power supply avoids the loss of protection of the microcomputer protection when the AC power is lost, and solves the problem that the UPS fails due to factors such as operating overvoltage and harmonics, thereby causing the microcomputer protection failure. At the same time, DC operating power can be supplied to the primary switching device (spring mechanism vacuum circuit breaker, permanent magnet mechanism vacuum circuit breaker, electric load switch, etc.) that meets the power requirements of the device.
         It is mainly used for gas purification in chemical fertilizer, coking, city gas, metallurgy, building materials, carbon, ceramics and other industries. It is used to recover tar from gas and coke oven gas, and at the same time remove impurities such as dust and water mist to achieve material recovery. The dual effect of gas purification plays a crucial role in ensuring the normal and stable operation of the equipment in the post-production section of the process.

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